THE FOREST - Dawn James

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Artist Statement

Dawn James

My inspired piece of work evolved from the middle east, carved earthenware under coloured glazes. I admired the repetition of shapes, long strokes of movement and the deep setting of engraved styles that described detailing. My project started from a college brief to do with the forest. I investigated the different movements of the trees and studied the branches and how they intertwined through and around each other, forming an relationship of rhythm and movement.

I was to create a piece of work using glass to demonstrate my interruption of how i feel and felt about my experiences, also how the forest feels to me, my emotions of being there. My fears and also how I image the forest to have a life of its own. The piece i chose in the V&A shows so much feelings of the the place it comes from. The long curves and moments shows rhythm. i feel that this is a very creative piece as I feel that the middle east has so much history of originality and creativity. It has deep history, just like the forest, and the depth the work shows the deepness of the people, engraved in a way where it cannot be destroyed. The forest i see in the same ways, the forest is deep and shows contrast and dimension. That is why I presented my piece to show that there are layers beyond what we see.

THE FOREST - Dawn James

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Tile panel


Bukhara, Uzbekistan (made)

ca. 1359 (made)

Unknown (production)

Carved earthenware under coloured glazes

V&A collection reference number(s):
2031:1 TO 8-1899

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