Protection in Lime - Annie Smuts

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Artist Statement

Annie Smuts


The exhibit in the V&A that inspired me to create my sculpture 'Protection in Lime' was a piece of body armour called a ' Pauldron' which encases the shoulder in two rounded metal plates, this protects the vulnerable tissues underneath from injury . The beautifully worked piece I chose was designed by Pompeo delia Casa in 1580. The inspiration for much of my work in sculpture comes from nature. The Pauldron is reminiscent of the shells of bivalves an enormous group of shells that dominate the coast line like scallops cockles and oysters etc and in the plant kingdom the fat double cotyledons of plants like the broad bean . Like the Pauldron the examples from nature encase the soft living material and allow movement and life to continue inside . In this piece of work I have chosen to display both aspects the rounded casing giving protection and the orfices and channels to allow water, sunlight and thereby life to continue. The sculpture is carved in common lime, a light and very tactile wood that lends itself beautifully to the coupled shape I wanted to create. The shell of my sculpture has been highly polished as a way to recreate something of the beauty of Casa's finished work , the inner surface in comparison has been left fairly roughly sanded and unpolished to create a contrast to the outer casing.

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Protection in Lime - Annie Smuts

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Pauldron and gauntlet

Shoulder defence of steel and Plate steel armour defence for the hand

Italy (North, made)

ca. 1580 (made)

della Casa (maker)

steel decorated with etched and gilt borders

V&A collection reference number(s):

2015 Exhibition Guide

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