Friends - Yuri Popov

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Artist Statement

Yuri Popov

I was really immpressed by the amazingly executed circular composition depicting chinese musicians sitting with their backs to each other. As I walked around the museum I saw many more exhibits but could not get "Group of four Chines musicians" out of my mind. later in the ceramics gallery I noticed a porcelian figure of a little boy sitting on top of a snail. Straight away I imagined him holding a recorder in his hands. Suddenly the small snail transformed into a powerful bull that turned his head towards the direction of this beautiful music and he was clearly enjoying it. The effect being maximised by the shape of the bull's ears. I made several sketches of the newly concieved composition and they formed the basis of my work.

Friends - Yuri Popov

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Chinese Musicians

Porcelain Chinese figure

London, England (made)

ca. 1755 (made)

Willems, Joseph, born 1710 - died 1766 (modeller) Chelsea Porcelain factory (manufacturer)

Soft-paste porcelain, painted in enamels and gilded

V&A collection reference number(s):
C 40-1974, CIRC 604-1966

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