Vessel 2 - Fran Moffat

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Artist Statement

Fran Moffat

I became excited by the great variety of jugs and coffee pots in the V and A collection. I wanted to design a piece inspired by jugs of different shapes and sizes, and I selected jugs from1810 up to1987 and they were made from Brittanic metal (cast stamped and electroplated with silver, + ivory), earthenware with platinum lustre, ceramic glazed earthenware, and earthenware hand built. Study1 is in pencil of three jugs (M.23-1999, C.233-1987, C.1258&A-1909). Study2 has a background collage of another three jugs in gold paper (C.73&A 1944, C.28-1971, 8098-1863). I lightly painted over the collages with white acrylic paint, ensuring that some gold showed through. I then overdrew three jugs from study1 using sepia and black ink. Although I liked the detail of this picture, I felt the overall effect was rather crowded and almost claustrophobic.
For my final submission I used a similar technique as in Study2 but with more random jug shaped gold collages in the background, and with looser black ink sketches (same three jugs used in Study2) overlapping the collage shapes. The overall effect in my view is lighter, freer and more spontaneous, and I think that the picture is more balanced than study2
The size of the final submission is 28cms by 38cms in my view most appropriate for the style of picture I was submitting, allowing for both general effect and detail. I am also submitting my two preparatory sketches (Study1, Study2). I attend courses in Experimental watercolour/drawing and mixed media. The tutor inspires and supports us to break out and experiment, and in my case to free me up away from my normal tendency to detail, and helps me develop work from initial preparatory sketches in a variety of media.

Vessel 2 - Fran Moffat

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Coffee pot

Metal coffee pot

Sheffield, England (made)

ca. 1850 (made)

James Dixon and Sons (manufacturer)

Britannia metal, cast, stamped and electroplated with silver, ivory

V&A collection reference number(s):
M.23-1999, C.233-1987, C.1258&A-1909; C.73&A 1944, C.28-1971, 8098-1863

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