Corset: Forbidden Love - Eleni Medhurst

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Artist Statement

Eleni Medhurst

My time at Morley College allowed me to develop new skills in the art of Jewellery making. The adult education provided by this institution, is spectacular and allows people such as myself to enhance their skills and experiences alongside working. The teachers are experienced and allow you to develop your ideas into something more concrete.

I work for the travel Industry and have one day where I can attend Morley College, I love the environment because I can de-stress for a day, meet new artists, discuss different ideas and create lovely jewellery. It is wonderful feeling when you enter your jewellery into shows and someone appreciates you work and buys it.

On my first visit to the V&A, the building itself was an inspiration for many projects, nonetheless despite many exhibitions and ideas the one that called to my creative instincts was the special exhibition of 19th Century corsets. The curve and sensual shapes reminded me of when I was young and use to wear such garments. My mother encouraged me and she always told me it would keep your slender figure in shape. An inspiring women, she lived by such traditions as many did at this time.

The nostalgia was inspiring and was a feeling I wanted to channel into my jewellery. I had the lovely idea to take the form and shape created by these corsets and turn it into a sensual silver piece, specifically earrings. I started with etching the Silver with different quotes and writing. So the earrings themselves held a story on them, of a forbidden love. In which I would wear the corset for a man I could not have but loved. Each time he would visit, he would leave another love note scribed onto this corset; I would keep these messages forever.

Corset: Forbidden Love - Eleni Medhurst

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:


Ribbon corset

England, Great Britain (made)

ca. 1895 (made)

Unknown (production)

Silk satin ribbons, boning, metal fasteings

2015 Exhibition Guide

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