"Peter and Martin" - Patsy Hickman

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Artist Statement

Patsy Hickman

I was looking for inspiration for a 70th birthday present for my husband, Peter. I found "Crouching Boy" by Michaelangelo and was interested in its positioning. I updated the feel of the sculpture by making the the work of Peter and his twin Martin playing marbles together, crouching in a similar fashion, in deep concentration. The Michaelangelo is a reproduction, and I have emphasised the hands and feet in my work, to make it feel like the 1950s, which is the period of its conception. I have crisped up the lines too, and the thatch of hair on each boy is characteristic of boys haircuts at that time. It is, in this sense a period piece.

"Peter and Martin" - Patsy Hickman

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Crouching boy

Plaster cast

[Firenze], Italy (sculpted)

ca. 1524 (sculpted) ca. 1884 (cast)

Michelangelo, born 1475 - died 1564 (after, sculptor) Elkington & Co. (maker)

Plaster cast

V&A collection reference number(s):
REPRO - 1884 - 298

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