Behind the toy cupboard door - Philip Medhurst

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Artist Statement

Philip Medhurst

Its fair to say many of the objects in the collection inspired me, it was
my first visit to the museum of childhood, as I walked around slowly
recognising toys from my own childhood my thoughts wandered I
started to regress back to those formative years and the relationships
I had with my favourite toys. I started to notice how sinister some of
these little beings were, staring up at me with cold dead emotionless
eyes from their glass display cases, some examples had limbs, eyes
and even their torso missing a reminder of the cautionary fables of
the Brothers Grimm fairy tails. This triggered a vivid memory of my
duck egg blue painted toy cupboard, opening the door in the morning
and being prepared to swear on the bible that the toys were not
arranged in the same order as I had placed them the night before,
when the toys are not being watched do they have a life of their own,
interpersonal relationships, rivalries even. This memory informed
the Idea for my piece of work a kind of sinister mystery played out
behind the closed toy cupboard door.

Behind the toy cupboard door - Philip Medhurst

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Soft toy elephant

Soft toy elephant

1908-1912 (manufactured)

Stitched and stuffed tweed plush

V&A collection reference number(s):

2015 Exhibition Guide

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