Repair - Sarah Gamble

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Artist Statement

Sarah Gamble

This work is based on the stitching which was used to repair a Victorian rug as seen at the V&A.

On viewing the back of the repaired rug I was inspired by the marks and patterns which the stitching created giving the image of a map or track.
This piece has been developed by tracking walks using an I Phone which then formed the basis for the screen printed background - The shapes were developed from the the mapped walks.
The black stitches used, inspired from the ones from the back of the rug, are to show tracks which people take and the erosion which can occur and the small stitches within the shapes show how peoples footfall will vary in given spaces such as the V&A.

Repair - Sarah Gamble

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:



Alcaraz, Spain (probably, made)

1450-1500 (made)

unknown (production)

Wool pile on wool warps

V&A collection reference number(s):

2015 Exhibition Guide

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