"The MOUSE & the MUSEUM" - Frederike von Cranach

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Artist Statement

Frederike von Cranach

The main inspiration for this print was to forge a connection between the Childhood Museum and the V&A.
In my work I deliberately choose an eclectic range of objects to reflect the variety displayed at these two museums.

With all the stories to tell and so much history within, museums and their exhibited pieces have always had something magical to me. I love thinking of the idea that all objects awaken when the doors are closed to the public - a bit like in the movies “a night at the museum”. So all this came together and inspired me to tell this story and add a bit of magic as well.

The story is based on a mouse (coming from the Childhood Museum) who takes on a journey to the V&A to give a concert with some musicians he could find there..."and if you listen carefully you can still hear the wonderful sound of music echoing through the halls of the V&A...."
As music is thought of connecting people it was obvious to choose music as the main theme for my storyline.

The story is made up by twelve separately created plates all shown together on one big sheet of Somerset paper. I have used a mixture of print techniques like hard- and soft ground etchings, aquatint, open bite, sugar lift, engraving and chine collé to again reflect variety. Finally to connect the pictures with each other I have sewn a thread into the paper.

I hope this story shows how much fun the Childhood Museum and the V&A can be and how much there is to explore and see in these two very special places.

"The MOUSE & the MUSEUM" - Frederike von Cranach

©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Inspiration details:

Tin Toy


USA (manufactured)

ca. 1930s (manufactured)

Louis Marx & Co Ltd (manufacturer)

Lithographed tinplate

V&A collection reference number(s):
B.172-1996, B.173-1996, B.237-2010 ,E.1239-1995, C.194-1976, 4677-1858, CIRC.107-1938 (in storage)

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